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When I get my new sooper dooper FS machine I will do the same, I will rely only on the router FW for the FS only machine
Frank F

Gerry Winskill wrote:
Hi Fred,
If you're ditching Norton then I can reccomend the freebie Avast, antivirus programme. I'm attempting to avoid the firewall / av problems by running FS9 and FSX on a machine that only connects to the net via a router, and then only for PilotClub sessions. I don't have either firewall or avg on this machine and it's working well so far. I resurrected my old PC for all non flying duties. If I download any addons I do it on the old machine and only copy installed downloads across to the Fsim PC. Although the two are networked I could achieve the same result before I managed to have a network set up. At that time I just copied from one machine to the other using either an MP3 Player or my LaCie USB Exearnal SATA drive; bought for backup purposes.

BTW, the techie who set up my network had a pendant thingie round his neck. I'm not into medallions or chest wigs so was a bit suspicious. It turned out to be a 5Gb USB memory card. Too expensive for the Xmas pressie list, probably.

Gerry Winskill

Fred Stopforth wrote:

Franklyn. Ran my comp. with fltsim flying from EGOV to EGFE [without P/Club]worked OK then crashed to desktop after takeoff.So tried it again switching internet+Norton off and did the same flight again resulting in completing the flight.So I take it that it could mean a change is required with the AV? Fred ----- Original Message ----- From: "franklyn fisher" <ff006c5886@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Sorry you did not get down to me at Haverfordwest.
Pondering your problems, it seems that it may be software related.
You can run FS, but for a limited time, check that your antivirus, is not set to run an automatic system scan. Also disconnect from the internet, and disable AV and Firewall and run FS for at least an hour, that will tell you if the problem lies there. FS wants the full 100% of your CPU, and if anything else starts up and wants it, something has to give. Also, your system specs, AMD3000 is good, you will need 256-512 of memory, and a graphics card, the best you can afford will help. FS will use all of that. Even on my AMD 3200 with an X1650 Pro video and 1 gig of ram, I still have'nt got FS9 running with all the sliders to the right. But that will not solve your FS crash, something is starting up in the background, or you are running out of resource. Without being there, it is a case of hunting it down by shutting down any unnecessary service until you find the culprit. But please do not be discouraged, there is a wealth of talent here on this list, and we are only to pleased to help, just shout help!
We can also do an online chat using the PC Voice client.
Frank F

PS if you want to contact off list, my address is ff006c5886@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Fred Stopforth wrote:

Bones,Please convey my thanks to all who did their best in encouraging me on the Wednesday Night Event.I really did enjoy it inspite of the unexplained crashouts.Trying Fred.
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