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Hi Fred,

I had a series of problems on Pilot Club's predecessor FPI when using Norton
Internet 2005 and I didn't really have stable online flying until I ditched

I have to admit that having paid for the product I was reluctant to do so
but it was causing more problems that it was solving.  In the end I went
with AVG anti-virus and Zone Alarm Firewall (though others find Zone Alarm
problematic). I also run Ad-aware Pro, Spybot Search and Destroy and a small
program called Startup Monitor (It prevents programmes changing your
Start-Up files without your permission).  On my second machine, the one I
use for e-mail, monitoring ServInfo etc I have McAfee Anti-Virus running
instead of AVG.

Your machine specs are almost identical to the machine I run FS9 on so you
certainly shouldn't have a problem running FS9 and Pilot Club there, even
with the weather turned on.

However, when this cropped up before, I think I now remember how we resolved
it.  It's actually how your graphics card and FS9 interact.  Your graphics
card will have settings for how it handles several properties.  These need
to agree with FS9.  The easiest way to do this is set the graphics card up
to allow FS9 (or other programmes) control the graphics settings.

For a ATI Radeon based graphics card:

Right-click on a blank part of the desktop and choose Properties to bring up
your Display Properties.  Choose the Settings Tab and click on the Advanced
button. You should now have tabs for OpenGL and Direct3D appear.  Choosing
these allows you to set the Anti-Alaising and Anisotropic Filtering.  Set
them to Application Preference (ie allow the program to set them, FS9 in our
You may also have three sliders for Texture Preference, Mipmap Detail Level
and Wait For Veritcal Sync.  I have mine set at Quality, Quality and Default
On.  If I change these to High Quality I too get the crash to desktop.

For an Nvidea card:

Right-click on a blank part of the desktop and choose Properties to bring up
your Display Settings.  Choose the Settings Tab and click on the Advanced
button.  You will now have a tab that identifies your Graphics card (eg.
GeForce XXXX) selecting this will bring up a menu One Option of which is
'Performance & Quality Settings' Here you should set Anti-Alaising and
Anisotropic Filtering to Application-Controlled (ie controlled by FS9)  If
your Image Settings are on High Quality try reducing it a notch to Quality
(again, on High Quality I get the dreaded Crash to Desktop).

Hopefully this will sort you out and get you running smoothly though, if you
can, I'd certainly consider replacing Norton as soon as is practical without
exposing you to virii/trojans/adware/spyware.  Others on this list will no
doubt offer their expertese in managing these risks if you need it.


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Have to say I'd be inclined to dump Norton which IS a resource hog and
has a fair degree of notoriety for screwing up systems.

Mike L

Fred Stopforth wrote:
> HI Bones,Just got in. No I don't have any other programs running;just
> fltsim.I do have a Norton anti/firewall in.My system has 1024 ram
> mem.+256meg nVidia+Athlon AMD 3000,XP3000 Cpu+120 Gig H/Drive.I'm not
> technologically clever but I would have thought I have sufficient
> resoures to cope with for online fltsim activity. Fred
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>     I suspect it isn't anything directly related to pilot club although
>     Fred says this has accelerated the problem. Maybe the extra little
>     load has just tipped it beyond limits.
>     Fred - when you are running FS do you have many other programs
>     running in the background or do you shut most of them down?
>     bones
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>         Bones,
>         It does sound like it could be a resource issue rather than a
>         hardware one, not a driver error as there is no BSOD, not a CPU
>         or GPU overheat as that would cause a shutdown, exceeding total
>         RAM normally gives you a virtual memory error on CTD.
>         Might I suggest adding a little extra virtual memory with some
>         page file optimisation:
>         http://www.petri.co.il/pagefile_optimization.htm
>         That would let us know if its a memory issue and possibly fix it
>         at the same time. Only other thing could possibly be a corrupt
>         DLL or bit of script on the pilot club install?
>         Alex
>         Bones wrote:

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