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Have to say I'd be inclined to dump Norton which IS a resource hog and has a fair degree of notoriety for screwing up systems.

Mike L

Fred Stopforth wrote:
HI Bones,Just got in. No I don't have any other programs running;just fltsim.I do have a Norton anti/firewall in.My system has 1024 ram mem.+256meg nVidia+Athlon AMD 3000,XP3000 Cpu+120 Gig H/Drive.I'm not technologically clever but I would have thought I have sufficient resoures to cope with for online fltsim activity. Fred

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    I suspect it isn't anything directly related to pilot club although
    Fred says this has accelerated the problem. Maybe the extra little
    load has just tipped it beyond limits.
Fred - when you are running FS do you have many other programs
    running in the background or do you shut most of them down?

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        It does sound like it could be a resource issue rather than a
        hardware one, not a driver error as there is no BSOD, not a CPU
        or GPU overheat as that would cause a shutdown, exceeding total
        RAM normally gives you a virtual memory error on CTD.

        Might I suggest adding a little extra virtual memory with some
        page file optimisation:


        That would let us know if its a memory issue and possibly fix it
        at the same time. Only other thing could possibly be a corrupt
        DLL or bit of script on the pilot club install?


        Bones wrote:

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