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I suspect it isn't anything directly related to pilot club although Fred
says this has accelerated the problem. Maybe the extra little load has just
tipped it beyond limits.
Fred - when you are running FS do you have many other programs running in
the background or do you shut most of them down?

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It does sound like it could be a resource issue rather than a hardware one,
not a driver error as there is no BSOD, not a CPU or GPU overheat as that
would cause a shutdown, exceeding total RAM normally gives you a virtual
memory error on CTD. 

Might I suggest adding a little extra virtual memory with some page file


That would let us know if its a memory issue and possibly fix it at the same
time. Only other thing could possibly be a corrupt DLL or bit of script on
the pilot club install? 


Bones wrote: 

Just to add to this for those who didn't tune in last night.

Fred started up at Liverpool and then at Valley but never got too far with

his flights as FS9 would just vanish - dumping him back to desktop. In each

case I don't think any warnings came up - FS simply ended.

As the rest of his system (including Voice) kept running it suggests the

problem isn't that of system overload otherwise everything would have gone

down. So, can anyone dig into the dim recesses of their memory and recall if

they have had a similar experience with FS and what the solution may have


As Fred started at Liverpool and then relocated to Valley my own thought is

that it isn't a scenery related issue. In fact Fred managed to get airborne

on his last try and got halfway across Cardigan Bay before the sim

disappeared so rogue scenery isn't the issue. I suspect Frank is right in

that some sort of limit is being reached but it is very unusual to have FS

expire without any warning. A hot CPU would shut the whole system down but

what about an overloaded video card?

Any ideas would be welcome.


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Sorry you did not get down to me at Haverfordwest.

Pondering your problems, it seems that it may be software related. You can

run FS, but for a limited time, check that your antivirus, is

not set to run an automatic system scan.

Also disconnect from the internet, and disable AV and Firewall and run

FS for at least an hour, that will tell you if the problem lies there. FS

wants the full 100%  of your CPU, and if anything else starts up and

wants it, something has to give.

Also, your system  specs, AMD3000 is good, you will need  256-512  of

memory, and a  graphics card, the best you can afford will help. FS will

use all of that.

Even on my AMD 3200 with an X1650 Pro video and 1 gig of ram, I still

have'nt got FS9 running with all the sliders to the right.

But that will not solve your FS crash, something is starting up in the

background, or you are running out of resource.

Without being there, it is a case of hunting it down by shutting down

any unnecessary service until you find the culprit.

But please do not be discouraged, there is a wealth of talent here on

this list, and we are only to pleased to help, just shout help! We can also

do an online chat using the PC Voice client. Frank F

PS if you want to contact off list, my address is


Fred Stopforth wrote:


Bones,Please convey my thanks to all who did their best in encouraging

me on the Wednesday Night Event.I really did enjoy it inspite of the

unexplained crashouts.Trying Fred.

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