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Your SWMBO wasn't wrong. After the dials bit the sound went further downhill.

What was sad was it was so easy to get confused and think it was a review of what they used to fly. Nimrod, Herc, Tristar, VC10, etc etc. Only one newish aircraft on the list these days.

Gerry Winskill

Mike Brook wrote:
By chance I found that by 'pressing the 'red' button' there was a very good
'expert commentary' by Shaun Moffet (sp?). My SWMBO who was watching
downstairs said that the Snow chappie entered a VC10 cockpit and said "Cor!
Look at all those dials ...".  There was also apparently the usual token
Beeb dolly bird patronizing a token nonagenarian WWII Spit pilot and ATA
lady pilot.

Thank goodness for the 'red button' - good fly-past nevertheless,
considering how much of the RAF hardware is deployed in Eastern parts at the


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No headsup but I went to switch off the box, as SWMBO went out, after
lunch. Just in time, I spotted BBC1 was covering today's anniversary
flypast. Why oh why didn't I switch off the cringemaking embarrassingly
amateurish BBC commentary. Not many know that in WW I the Sopwith Pup
was operated at 20,000', without oxygen. Etc etc.

The pictures were great and the blackening sky a dramatic back drop.

Gerry Winskill

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