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Hi Denis,

Do you have the Scotflight FSX? If not how about recent Tony Meredith freeware airfields?

Gerry Winskill

Denis Ripley wrote:
Hi Gerry,

I have the exact set-up as Tom with the Q6600 and the GeForce 8800 GTX but with SP2. I have no idea what the difference in frame rates is between SP1 & SP2 but if you would like to suggest a location where we could compare, I'd like to help.


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My swap from dual core E6700 to quad core Q6700 has been a bit of a let down. It was made after reading a seemingly logical and authoritative review of factors affecting FSX performance, on the Horizon Forum. That concluded that the most effective upgrade was to go for the highest number of cores available.

My first impression is that performance has gone downhill slightly. That's unexpected, since the Q6700 is said to be two E6700 in the one unit.

When I boot up the PC I get an error message that says there has been a uCode failure so press F1 to continue. It then boots up OK and either Task Master or Asus' AISuite both show 4 cores working. A Google search shows this is a common error message with the Asus mobo, which has no inbuilt reference to the Q cores, and has no bearing on performance. The cure is to Flash the BIOS. I haven't yet done that, not having any past form as a flasher!

Raising my experience on the Forum produced a reply to the effect that to get benefits from the Quad upgrade it's necessary to upgrade to FSX SP2, which I haven't done. Tom is also on SP1 and has a Q6600, with framerates about the same as mine.

I'm still running XP Home and using the 8800GTX graphics card, with 760 (?) memory.

Has anyone with a similar setup to ours moved to SP2 and found a big improvement?

Gerry Winskill

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