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The AMD3 - also known as the "fence sitter". It's ideal for people like my
ex boss who was totally incapable of making a decision.


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Of course, an alternate, is the AMD 3 core, a bit of both worlds.

Frank F
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> There may be an intermediate step, try the core tweak in this article:
> http://blogs.msdn.com/ptaylor/archive/2007/05/15/new-tweaks-in-sp1.aspx
> In the last hour I've just finished installing FSX + Acceleration pack on 
> my
> new machine and am getting a frame rate of 30+ taking off from Benbecula
> which, on my install, seems particularly barren.
> For me, a more challenging test of CPU performance with the Scotflight FSX
> is taking off from runway 01 at North Connel.  Here, with all the scenery
> sliders maxed except Water effects (High 2.x); Land detail textures on; no
> ground scenery shadows, I'm getting as low as 13 but averaging 25+ in the
> default Cessna with fair weather set. In DX10 preview mode, I find the new
> in-cockpit shading is decidedly ropey, the shadows being very jagged on 
> what
> should be straight leading edges.  It also creates an overall speckled
> appearance which isn't there in DX9 mode.
> New PC is Athlon AMD2 X2 6000+, 4Gb DDR2 800 RAM, Nvidia 8800GT 512Mb, on 
> a
> M2N SLI mobo. with a Maxtor 500Gb 7200rpm 32Mb cache drive and Windows 
> Vista
> Home Premium 64.
> I still don't have UK Gen-X, I was hoping it'd turn up for my birthday but
> didn't so I'll have to get it myself.  That's going to have to wait 
> though,
> Tracy needs pampering first and a low income doesn't stretch far!
> Paul
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> My swap from dual core E6700 to quad core Q6700 has been a bit of a let
> down. It was made after reading a seemingly logical and authoritative
> review of factors affecting FSX performance, on the Horizon Forum. That
> concluded that the most effective upgrade was to go for the highest
> number of cores available.
> My first impression is that performance has gone downhill slightly.
> That's unexpected, since the Q6700 is said to be two E6700 in the one 
> unit.
> When I boot up the PC I get an error message that says there has been a
> uCode failure so press F1 to continue. It then boots up OK and either
> Task Master or Asus' AISuite both show 4 cores working. A Google search
> shows this is a common error message with the Asus mobo, which has no
> inbuilt reference to the Q cores, and has no bearing on performance. The
> cure is to Flash the BIOS. I haven't yet done that, not having any past
> form as a flasher!
> Raising my experience on the Forum produced a reply to the effect that
> to get benefits from the Quad upgrade it's necessary to upgrade to FSX
> SP2, which I haven't done. Tom is also on SP1 and has a Q6600, with
> framerates about the same as mine.
> I'm still running XP Home and using the 8800GTX graphics card, with 760
> (?) memory.
> Has anyone with a similar setup to ours moved to SP2 and found a big
> improvement?
> Gerry Winskill
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