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There may be an intermediate step, try the core tweak in this article:


In the last hour I've just finished installing FSX + Acceleration pack on my
new machine and am getting a frame rate of 30+ taking off from Benbecula
which, on my install, seems particularly barren. 

For me, a more challenging test of CPU performance with the Scotflight FSX
is taking off from runway 01 at North Connel.  Here, with all the scenery
sliders maxed except Water effects (High 2.x); Land detail textures on; no
ground scenery shadows, I'm getting as low as 13 but averaging 25+ in the
default Cessna with fair weather set. In DX10 preview mode, I find the new
in-cockpit shading is decidedly ropey, the shadows being very jagged on what
should be straight leading edges.  It also creates an overall speckled
appearance which isn't there in DX9 mode.

New PC is Athlon AMD2 X2 6000+, 4Gb DDR2 800 RAM, Nvidia 8800GT 512Mb, on a
M2N SLI mobo. with a Maxtor 500Gb 7200rpm 32Mb cache drive and Windows Vista
Home Premium 64.

I still don't have UK Gen-X, I was hoping it'd turn up for my birthday but
didn't so I'll have to get it myself.  That's going to have to wait though,
Tracy needs pampering first and a low income doesn't stretch far!


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My swap from dual core E6700 to quad core Q6700 has been a bit of a let 
down. It was made after reading a seemingly logical and authoritative 
review of factors affecting FSX performance, on the Horizon Forum. That 
concluded that the most effective upgrade was to go for the highest 
number of cores available.

My first impression is that performance has gone downhill slightly. 
That's unexpected, since the Q6700 is said to be two E6700 in the one unit.

When I boot up the PC I get an error message that says there has been a 
uCode failure so press F1 to continue. It then boots up OK and either 
Task Master or Asus' AISuite both show 4 cores working. A Google search 
shows this is a common error message with the Asus mobo, which has no 
inbuilt reference to the Q cores, and has no bearing on performance. The 
cure is to Flash the BIOS. I haven't yet done that, not having any past 
form as a flasher!

Raising my experience on the Forum produced a reply to the effect that 
to get benefits from the Quad upgrade it's necessary to upgrade to FSX 
SP2, which I haven't done. Tom is also on SP1 and has a Q6600, with 
framerates about the same as mine.

I'm still running XP Home and using the 8800GTX graphics card, with 760 
(?) memory.

Has anyone with a similar setup to ours moved to SP2 and found a big 

Gerry Winskill

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