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  • Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2005 18:19:39 +0100

I have more than a few projects on the go at the moment but thought I'd post
an update on two.

First is the A310-203 repaint for JHB. I actually wish I had never started
this repaint as it has been the toughest to date. It's based on the lovely
HNAC design - preview at

The greatest headache of this repaint is that all the bitmaps are distorted.
Straight lines are actually hyperbolic curves and so the logo, cheat lines
and even the diamonds have had to be adjusted to follow the curvature. I
only have the nose to do now but the first foot either side of the nose is
where the bitmap curvature is greatest. I take my hat off to anyone else who
has repainted this aircraft - the Royal Jordanian colour scheme is superb.
I've stuck with it because I think this A310 is a really lovely bit of work.

On the panel rebuild and my XML gauges I started on the first radio gauge
last night (yes, after the FPI session!). Not doing things in small measures
I decided to try the new Garmin SL30 unit first - and I was very surprised
when it appeared and (mostly) worked! It's a new generation digital NAV/COM
unit - lovely bit of kit - so I hope I can get it working in FS. Screenshots
in due course.



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