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Just to add to this I've had an email back from PF and they say there =
not be a repaint kit released for the new textures.

I can alter one of the existing texture sets but it will be more fiddly =
as I like to retain the panel detail of the originals. With a basic =
fuselage paint kit you can overlay a new layer on top of the existing
picture and it merges the two together. If this is not available you =
have to
get one of the existing texture sets and remove all colour from them.
Feasible but slightly more time consuming..


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I'm using the Swissair Tay 620 and increasing the Thrust Scalar to 1.5, =
the Aircraft.cfg=20
file, produces the listed climb performance and takeoff roll in a more
realistic distance.=20
Gerry Winskill

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