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I had the same problem I few months ago with xp
I changed the bios to start from cd then used the xp disk to repair its self it was some thing wrong in the boot sequence and had to repair about 20 lines since then I have had to do the same on a friends pc both mine and his went wrong after an update
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My wife, god bless her cotton socks, has just told me to go out and buy a cheap (£400.00) machine to replace the elderly AMD 3200.

So I now have an Acer Aspire AMD 9250e quad with Vista premium, as a second machine. (comes with a 19inch TFT as well. I will be cleaning out those freebies of course.

The old machine, of course still has to be reinstalled to access those databases on the slave drive, unfortunately, I must dispose of said machine (SWMBO) commands. So I must think of another way to get into Linux. gnash gnash.

Frank F

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