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Horrible attitude. Stinks of "We've got your cash and you can wait for the
fix. Other profit making projects have higher priority."

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Three scenery areas, where many of us have spent, or are spending, hard 
earned cash are FSX, Horizon Generation X and the GS UK 2000 series.

From past experience MS are prpbably already working on a fix; nothing 
new there.

Horizon, to my surprise, say that finishing the night time scenery has a 
higher priority than correcting the known faults in the scenery we've 
already bought.

GS has said he won't be doing patches for pre FSX scenery, regarding it 
has having come to the end of its development life. I can't argue with 
that. What does disappoint me IS his intention to complete work on his 
Stansted Xtreme, before tackling known issues with Glasgow Xtreme, in 
FSX. Flying in or out of Glasgow can cause FSX to crash. It doesn't get 
more Xtreme than that, well not without smoke! Since I, and presumably 
others, bought the Glasgow scenery mainly because he said it would be 
compatible with FSX I'd have thought he had a responsibillity to the 
punters who've bought it, that should be ahead of his desire to get 
another product out.

Much though I dislike manyof the values and attitudes in the USA, one 
thing I do approve of; they simply don't accept poor service. In 
contrast, the Horizon forum contributors seem to be unreal in the 
sympathy and understanding they are showing, to producers of scenery 
that is great where it works but should never have been released in its 
present condition.

Gerry Winskill

I think you are right to argue that if things don't work they should be
fixed. Sometimes a work around is acceptable, as long as it gets over a
niggle, but there's a difference between a niggle and not working! If it
doesn't work (a) perhaps it shouldn't have been released, and (b) it should
be fixed as a matter of urgency.
I'm guessing that the developers are waiting for their new tools to be
released, which may explain some of these apparent anomolies, they are
probably working on what they think is the most productive with their
existing tools. I suspect there's a chain here and us poor flyers are on the
end of it!
Frank T.

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