[jhb_airlines] Principle of Operation - VOR's

  • From: "Alex Barrett" <fpi509267@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: jhb_airlines@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 19 Aug 2006 22:08:56 +0000

Hello Gentlemen, 

I know some of you may be out of your technologically advanced element for this 
weeks upcoming event. With the short hops I imagine that some of you will be 
taking to light aircraft, or possibly heavy twins, this of course means that 
you will probably loose those beloved FMC/FMS gizmo's that we all know and 

How about a bit of VOR navigating!? 

Back when I was in flight school one thing I could never get my head round was 
the operation of VOR's. My friendly instructor gave me some print outs which I 
have since acquired in electronic format and I thought they may be of use to 
some of you. 

It doesn't tell you how to work a VOR, but it does tell you how one works! 

Brilliant and I like to read it occasionaly to brush up.

I have included the file in FlashPaper format. I did do it in HTML but there is 
4 pages of very small writing and I know it might be hard for some to read. 

Flash paper has the benefit of being able to actively zoom and scroll around up 
to 600% of normal size with great ease. For those without the standalone player 
installed (I.E it wont work when you click on it) then save it to desktop or 
somewhere else and drag and drop it into your browser. 

I hope some find it useful! 

All the best, 


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