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Yes and no. Your idea is the easiest to implement (a simple bitmap
alteration) but you will have to be careful with the conversion. 1 mb is
30ft so accuracy is needed - and you are going to have to round up or down
some of the values.


The more satisfying way to do it is to create your own bitmap and rewrite
the underlying code to match. The difficulty here varies with the type of
display. A needle rotating around a dial is very simple to make, a
thermometer type display is a bit trickier but I'll admit I haven't looked
at the altimeter sub scale movement (a rotating ring display). A basic
altimeter has three moving items - the 100ft needle, the 1000ft needle and
the Kohlsman sub setting ring. Posher displays have a 10000ft needle too.
Modern altimeters have digital displays for height too and these require a
lot more code, one for each counter. It is one reason I was glad the Tiger's
altimeter was quite a simple type!


You could also grab the code from an existing millibar altimeter and adapt
the SF260 bitmap to this but it can become very fiddly.






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Hi all,


I want to try to alter the pressure display on the altimeter of my SF260 so
it shows Mb and not In Hg.  I've found a bmp in the relevant cab file which
is the numeric display as a strip.  Is it a simple case of replacing this
strip with a Mb equivalent (obviously with the correct numbers in the
equivalent In Hg position)?


Can you tell this is the first time I've ever delved into gauge design!






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