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  • Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2007 19:37:53 +0100

Just started Pocket FMS and it warned me about the out of date AIRAC cycle I
have. Clicked on OK and the warning went away - it didn't force me to


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Likewise here, but Memory Map occasionally throws a wobbly and gives a
weird error about RS232 - it did this last night, so I switched to

Re the DAFIF data - the AIRAC downloads are available at a very
reasonable price through Navigraph.  100 credits cost £6, and 20 credits
will buy one cycle - regardless of how many downloads you make of that
cycle (e.g. I have just downloaded for FSNav, FS Commander and A320 PIC
for a total of 20 credits).  A pity PocketFMS hadn't gone this way too.

Mike L

bones wrote:
> I have it but haven't loaded it since buying Memory Map. I'll try it
> in a minute but after I log off from IVAO.
> The trouble was that PocketFMS used the free DAFIF data until this got
> stopped (like FSNav did). Now that you have to buy the data they had
> no option but to charge for it - a real pity.

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