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No doubt you seen this one showing how not to land a floatplane?




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Which reminds me. We were sitting ovelooking the garden, one day last
week, when SWMBO, who isn't noted for such observations, said "there's a
helicopter but it sounds like a light aircraft". She thought it was a
chopper because of the horizontal bit above it. The horizontal bit above
the plane was the aircraft. The bl...dy big bit below, was the floats.
It was a floatplane, tracking across from NI to Northern England. We don't
get many of them oop 'ere. I recall seeing one taking off from
Ronaldsway, a couple of years ago. Looked grotesque.

BTW, good shot.

Gerry Winskill

>It's lazy spotting when you just lean out of a window and take a shot
>like this..
>To be fair though I only have about three seconds between the aircraft
>appearing above the roofline and going behind the house so there isn't
>much time to acquire, focus and shoot. Camera is the new Nikon D80
>which is very impressive.

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