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'Twas 2005.  SWMBO's home town is Shoreham and we get down there once or
twice a year, I try to engineer the Autumn trip to coincide with the Show.
We usually stay at the 'Sussex Pad' which is a few hundred metres from the
threshold of Rwy20 at EGKA.  It is usually a great show.  If you are selling
Nikon lenses suitable for the D70 in the future I may well be interested but
make it well after Xmas please!  Contact me off-list so that we don't bore
the others with off-topic chat <G>

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  Very nice shot there! not to "diss" your effort but with that subject
material it is hard to take a bad shot, but yours certainly shows off those
curves well! When was it taken? was it this years show?

  I also have a D70 and love it, however it seems to have been relegated
these days to the dusty drawer as the "mid" range camera. In Hong Kong last
year I bought a Leica Digilux II which is a stunning bit of equipment (what
you would expect from Leica really. if only the lenses weren't so expensive,
and on this years trip I bought a Canon Elexilim (SP!?) compact which is
absolutely tiny but takes some stunning shots, for close up and good light
work it is easily as good as my D70, although it was only half the cost.

  Perhaps we should start up a FlightSimmers Nikkon club ;)

  Might have some lenses for sale soon if anyone is interested as the D70
gets phased out of my service.


  Mike Brook wrote:
Nice one, Bones!  I've a Nikon D70 which I've use for the last couple of
years and with which I have been well pleased. Here's one of my
favourite shots of recent times...
Welcome to the Nikon Club <g>

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