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The Mode C/Mode S stuff I knew because it's part of basic ATC training and
the ADSB trials are published in the ICAO development publications which we
should all (but many don't) read.

When the SBS box came on the market I already knew what it was about - and I
was also very surprised that a small company could develop such a tool years
ahead of anything the CAA were contemplating. In truth SBS users were
picking up Mode S signals a long time before the CAA ran the first test
signals from the Burrington and Pease Pottage sites.

The basic SBS software is quite that - rather basic. The display on first
firing it up is hard to assimilate - this shot is centred on Gatwick:

I saw that the coding was quite simple and so it was quite an easy job -
although horribly time consuming - to add data for airspace and navaids. The
difference is quite stunning for the same viewpoint:

In fact, having designed all the UK airspace files it was this data I
reconverted to IVAO format for use in the IVAO controller software - these
are shots of Doncaster in SBS and then in IVAO and there's little difference
between the two displays:

As I got to know the software better I developed further data files for it
and eventually set up a web page so users could download the extras. Other
users were also designing tools for the SBS and some of the really good ones
are also on the page - making it an essential place for SBS newbies to

I include the above link because although the content may not be of interest
there are some nice screenshots. <g> Having said that there are three KML
files on the page for UK navaids, airports and fixes that can be loaded up
in Google Earth that any JHB member may find useful.

Inevitably the number of files available became confusing and the forum got
swamped with requests for help in setting these up. In addition the many
tweaks to the SBS software itself produced a lot of posts and (as is
inevitable) these became somewhat repetitive as older posts scrolled down
the list. In the end order had to be restored from this chaos and I ended up
writing a tutorial on the system:

Funnily enough I thought the tutorial would take weeks to write because of
the sheer volume of information and the many screenshots needed - and that
it was during a period when I wasn't very well at all. Somehow I seem to
work better in tough conditions and the article was essentially finished in
48 hours. Proof reading took another week though. <g>


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All I can say Bones, is wow.

Will have a look at the screen shots a bit later.

I do not know have you have the time to do all this, and as for the knowhow,

you must be in the mensa league.

I think I will stick to my hammer and chisel. And keep my head down.

Frank F

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