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I don't know much about PhotoShop but firing pictures off to Airliners made
me look at other programs like Nikon and Canon default applications,
IrfanView and a couple of others I forget the names of. Some had to be used
carefully because once you applied a series of corrections to a picture
these would also be applied to any subsequent picture loaded. 

The JPG compression used can drop image quality a lot but your pictures show
much more distortion than a simple drop in resolution. In PSP resizing a
picture gives you the options of selecting pixel resize, bilinear resample
and bicubic resample. All affect the picture in different ways but not as
severely as your shots - their effect is more pronounced on small images
rather than your 3000 pixel images. 

What's annoying me is that I recognise the distortion in your pictures but I
can't remember is the program or effect that causes it. My memory is telling
me it is similar to a smoothing filter used in IrfanView but I don't trust
my grey cells that much to say this is the right direction to look in. 

Having said that I've been playing with a similar filter in PSP (whilst
talking to Fred on IVAO). In the Noise section there is a filter called Edge
Preserving Smooth and if I apply it to some of my aircraft shots it produces
a similar effect to your photos. I'm comparing my results to the shot of
your Let 410 landing on 21 because if you take the cockpit area of this
photo the distortion is very marked.

Edge Preserving Smooth doesn't quite do what it suggests. It says in the
help file: "Use this command to remove noise in an image without losing edge
details. This feature finds details that may be object edges and leaves
these areas unchanged while smoothing the areas between the edges. For
example, edges of facial features may be preserved while removing a blotchy
complexion. This feature is also good for minimizing film grain."

In practise I find it doesn't quite do this. One side effect of this filter
is that it removes nuances of shade in colour bands and this tends to give
the pictures a sort of oil painting look to them. It's hard to explain this
but I have a couple of shots that may show the effect. In both cases I
needed to sharpen the picture slightly and I used different tools for each.
In the first shot at
http://www.homepages.mcb.net/bones/WebAircraft/238Noratlas.jpg you can see
that I applied a sharpen filter - but this is too aggressive (zoom into the
rudder area and you'll see unwanted banding between the rudder and sky). In
the second shot I tried Edge Preserving Smooth but this kills fine detail -
http://www.homepages.mcb.net/bones/WebAircraft/64144_C130.jpg. Again, if you
look closely at this image you will see the silver skin of the aircraft is a
bit too smooth - all the detail has gone. I'll add that this was with EPS
set at minimum level as it was much worse on default setting.

What is rather noticeable in your shots is the effect of the filter that has
been applied on defined edges - they are distorted. The aircraft wheels are
a good example as they are no longer circular but are distorted as if by
strong heat shimmer. I've tried to reproduce this in PSP but I can't.
Although EPS makes tone and shade look similar to your shots it doesn't
distort the image to this degree - wheels still look round. 


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loaded as a single:


Loaded ex SD card


Which provides the answer but not the solution!

The first one has been cropped in Photoshop. That resulted in a size 
increase, from 4.0 Mb to 4.7 Mb

Next I've run through Photoshop but saved, via the "For Web" route, as a 
.gif. Better but not much, at



I'm baffled, since I'd guess the majority of pro shots on the web have 
been processed in Photoshop, to achieve the effects, filtration etc, 
that they want.

Gerry Winskill

Gerry Winskill wrote:
> They've been through Photoshop Elements but they have been as seen at my 
> end too.
> I'll try putting up one straight from the SD card.
> Gerry Winskill
> Bones wrote:
>> It's not just noise - those images are seriously degraded.
>> At first I thought you may have JPG compression set too high as the 
>> images
>> are only around 2mb but there's more to it than that. I agree that the 
>> noise
>> is bad but a close look at the aircraft shows that some sort of image
>> manipulation is affecting them. It's something I've seen before but I 
>> can't
>> quite place where..
>> Did you run the pictures through an editor before uploading? Something 
>> like
>> IrfanView?
>> bones
>> bones@xxxxxxx
>> http://woodair.net
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>> I agree about the car park, and the South side usually suffers from 
>> heat shimmer. Not today though!
>> A decent lens makes it a realistic spot. Todays efforts were a test of 
>> the lens' VR capability, hand held, against a blustery wind. An idea 
>> of what comes into play can be seen from some of today's crop, though 
>> I can't understand why the Homepage versions are plagued by noise, 
>> when, at my end, they are noise free and very sharp. Any ideas under 
>> plain brown wrapper, please.
>> Viewing link is:
>> http://www.homepages.mcb.net/gwinsk/EGNS/
>> Gerry Winskill
>>> No - he's ATC. Not exactly a sprog any more but sitting comfortably 
>>> in the
>>> middle ranks. <g>
>>> As far as photographing aircraft goes from the any public areas 
>>> Ronaldsway
>>> is awful. Go down to the south side so the sun is behind you and the 
>>> apron
>>> is too far away for decent shots. Go to the car park and you are 
>>> shooting
>>> into sun at aircraft that mostly have their backsides pointing at you.
>> There
>>> again you get somewhat spoilt by having the advantage of being able to
>> take
>>> shots like this from the tower:
>>> http://www.homepages.mcb.net/bones/WebAircraft/XV185_C130.jpg
>>> bones
>>> bones@xxxxxxx
>>> http://woodair.net
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>>> Hi Fred,
>>> It galvanised me into having a camera laden morning down there. Mind, 
>>> I was outside the fence, at the Manx Flyers side, whereas I'd guess 
>>> the chap who runs the site must be an apron worker.
>>> Gerry Winskill
>>> Fred Stopforth wrote:
>>>> Wow that's an interesting page of aircraft pics and also for zooming 
>>>> into to look at scenery and buildings to compare with the 
>>>> addons.That's an evenings entertainment there for me. Thanks.  Fred
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>>>>> Whilst having a clearout of my web Favourites I came across one I'd
>>>>> forgotten existed but is still of interest.
>>>>> Worth a look, since it's obviously kept up to date.
>>>>> http://www.island-images2.co.uk/Aircraft/Air08/zAviation2008b.html
>>>>> Gerry Winskill

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