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  • Date: Sun, 8 Aug 2004 16:20:06 +0100

Funny but I looked at the Lancair and thought that it had also shrunk in
the rain. One tiny machine.

Because we got to the show late (it was about 1500 before we eventually
arrived) I had missed most of the hard iron. The Yak's were performing
as we approached the airfield and the Tornado started its routine just
as we parked the car. Jen was in charge of the still shots and I was
trying out the camcorder so all credit to her for the pix on the web

We went back to Ronaldsway after the show to see what I had missed.
There was C130 and Transall 160 there which were too far away to
photograph, a bunch of Hawks behind the Hunter and the T33/DH110 on the
west apron. No sign of the Harrier or Tornado so I guess these went
home. I can still get airside at Ronaldsway if the right people are on
duty.. <g> I hope to be getting a new airside pass soon.


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> Go on, tell me. How did you manage to be at both places. 
> Worse; how did you get 
> airside at Ronaldsway? Was that after the event, or before 
> you left for Jurby? 
>  From the shots of the Bubblies, we must have been nearly 
> next to each other, as I 
> walked back, to collect the Bonnie, from the Tower.
> I spent part of the time avoiding an old acquaintance. Don't 
> want a flight in his Jabiru. 
> First time I've seen one close up. The idea of getting 4 in 
> something as minute as the 
> 400, beggars belief. These GA magazines must borrow lenses 
> from estate agents!
> Gerry Winskill
> gwinsk@xxxxxxx
> On 7 Aug 2004 at 22:05, Bones wrote:
> > Some shots from Jurby today are on my home page. Didn't 
> take a lot as 
> > we missed a couple of hours of the show after a road 
> accident blocked 
> > our progress for a couple of hours..
> > 
> > HC@xxxxxxxxxx
> > http://fsaviation.net
> > 
> > 

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