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It was an excellent evening> Why Edinburgh got the major share of the
traffic is a puzzle but it was good to see so many aircraft going up there.
Dave did very well in handling the stream, especially with an emergency in
the middle of it all. I didn't have all that much traffic at Ronaldsway but
the crosswind and the sudden drop in cloud to OVC800 made life interesting
for those who paid me a visit.

One thing I did notice last night was that the weather in FPI remained
current for the entire session. This has never happened before - it usually
defaults to something quite fictitious after 2000 (I'm guessing the weather
originally captured by the server when it first came on line). Although
pilots don't get this weather the controllers do and this has led to some
confusion about pressure settings and runway in use. I ignore FPI weather
and use Servinfo to get current data - and have advised other controllers to
do the same - but I don't think the penny dropped that the FPI weather is
unrelated to anything the pilots will have.

Now if FPI have finally fixed the weather data coming in it means
controllers can finally give sensible weather information to pilots. I also
hope it may be a further step in full weather integration. Pilots running
the full ATOC software can read the FPI weather in the ATOC box so all that
is needed is to get this to be transferred to the weather engine in FS. If
this happens we will all get real weather the second we connect to FPI and
won't need to switch on FSMeteo or ASV5. I'll keep an eye on the weather
data over the next few days to see if it remains consistent.

The new web site for FPI is much better and I notice some changes. Rank is
now based on hours accrued rather than a grading system through
examinations. I think this is a step forward in one sense - hours accrued in
any activity usually reflect an increasing skill level - but I'm not sure it
is the ideal system for controllers. Just as I would not expect a novice
pilot to try and fly a B747 from Heathrow to Paris in his first FPI session
I also think that no newcomer should be allowed to plug in to London Centre.
It would have been better if FPI had suggested that only pilots or
controllers of a certain rank could qualify for certain ATC positions or
complexity of flight but they have chosen not to take that route.

One thing I notice is that my recorded hours (and rank) have dropped. I had
over 600 hours on FPI but the new system only credits me with just over 300
hours. I know they are still working on the database so this may change..


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Thanks for the 'hours' update Bones!  It was a good session yesterday
evening, despite the other distractions that were on offer.  Bet Gerry
wishes that he'd stayed with us...


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