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The CAA used to publish a nice little CAP document which explained how
to calculate personal minima. It was aimed at the PPL/IMC Rating pilots
and it was extremely useful. I've got a copy somewhere but it is an old
one - I think they dropped it from their site a good while back.


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> ..and of course, with only an IMC rating on my virtual PPL, not a 
> full instrument rating, my minima are even higher.
> For an ILS approach, the minimum is 500 feet above 
> runway level regardless of airport minima, and for an VOR or NDB 
> approach it is 600 feet regardless. Sometimes this makes the 
> Minimum Descent Height surprisingly high, e.g. at Biggin Hill it 
> is 1100 feet on the QNH for an ILS approach to 21.
> Fortunately last night I was OK at EGCC. <g>
> Peter

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