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  • Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2004 03:54:11 +0100

Hi Mike,

It didn't sink in until you mentioned it that this was your first FPI
session. I'm glad you enjoyed it despite being a little out of the
traffic stream over in the west.

In fact I was going to plug in at Cardiff but I thought that opening up
London Centre might provide a greater variety for the pilots (which it
did) and attract some foreign pilots to our waters (which it didn't).
The latter isn't quite true as I had a plan for MUR1762 from EHAM to
EGLL sitting in my bay all evening but the aircraft remained on the
ground at Schipol for our entire session. In the closing minutes of the
session I also had GWG007 from EDDP (Leipzig) to EGCC but I think only
Tom was still online when that aircraft arrived in UK airspace. Even so
it was a good night.

TCAS can be odd in FPI as I have seen it trigger at quite long ranges
but we also had a session a few weeks ago where nothing would trigger
until within the 20nm arc. Maybe last night was the same. I'd also say
that few aircraft actually crossed tracks and so not many chances for
TCAS observation became possible.

Your RT was fine. I treat it much the same as real life in that I relax
slightly when traffic levels are light but you will find that if things
get busy then the radio chat drops and instructions become a lot crisper
and brief. I regret to say that it was only when GWG007 came on
frequency that I did things more by the book - simply to ensure the
German pilot understood the instructions clearly.

I managed to get a few screenshots during the session and will post them
on the web page later today..


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> Bones -
> That was most enjoyable, hope that I didn't break too many 
> RX/TX rules!  Advice is always welcome...
> Callsign      From    To      ATD     ATA     F/Time  Comments
> G-CART        EGGD    EGBB    2010    2106    00:54           
> PA-28 G-CART, First ATC
> "controlled" flight
> I saw no others during the whole flight.  TCAS screen was 
> clear apart from me!  Perhaps the ranges were too great?  I'm 
> sure that I remember your voice from the EGBB frequencies 
> MANY years ago??? <g>
> Cheers
> MikeB

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