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Any mesh add on changes the looks of FS substantially and they get =
better as
time goes on. The early freeware meshes looked superb to me and then =
the SRTM based sets (Genesis, Mauri, Denney etc). I still use a lot of =
outside the UK but for England and Wales I doubt anything will beat VFR
Terrain as it is based on high res radar mapping.

Do FS Terrain say what their data source is?

I used to have a huge amount of SA scenery in FS98 because JHB was
originally the Jo'burg hub of Noble Air. I got to know an awful lot =
about SA


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Thanks John, 41 hours and now Senior Flight Captain.

NB I have just installed FS Terrain, a commercial mesh for Europe and =
brilliant!! the difference at Innsbruck is amazing. The latest on =
release is
FS Global, the same as, but for the world, maybe 90% anyway (not polar
regions for obvious reasons) As I tend to stick with Europe, Global will =
be necessary, as BG has got U.S of A fairly well covered anyway, Though =
wonder if my favorite area Cape Town has a reconizable Table Mountain =
All my SA sceneries are for FS2002. Frank F

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