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Don't worry I had a good rant at him ;) probably as they made the announcement about 3 hours after I'd just spent an afternoon designing a set of forum signatures! <G>
Apparently they are in the process of creating a "pool" for people to upload directly to. I tried getting "Timo" to upload them for me but he is only doing avatars and they are waiting for this "pool"

Until then I have just created one in plain text with the image tags around it, keep it in a notepad file on my desktop and copy and paste it to the end of each post - that'll teach the bastards to try and rid me of my sig's! <VBG>


Alex Barrett
[url="" class="moz-txt-link-freetext" href="http://www.jaguarvirtual.com">http://www.jaguarvirtual.com]Jaguar Virtual Airlines[/url]

Works just fine and you can't tell the difference ;)


Bones wrote:
Has Stefan responded to you about this?  I've had no reply from him so far.
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Hi guys,

Just had a word with Grant about this, apparently if the desired signature images and avatars are sent to Stefan then they can be uploaded for use :)

All the best,


Bones wrote:
Bad news is that PC have again enforced a ban on all external images and so
our signatures are again invalid but so are any avatar images.

For the latter there is a JHB image in their default library. I'm hoping
that I can upload all our Diamond forum signature files to Martin to put on
their server so that they will again become available.



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