[jhb_airlines] Pilot Club and ATC

  • From: "Alex - Reheat.org" <Alex@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: jhb_airlines@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 06 Nov 2006 09:38:27 +0000


Just seen this posted on the Pilot Club forum in response to a question about if controllers would get Pilot Club miles:

Thanks for your post ;-) Well you have raised a question we have been thinking about for a while now.

Pilot Club is actually a club for pilots. Yes, I know it is nice to have some controllers online too. So, we are thinking about something in the way of 'controller points'. However, Pilot Club will remain a club for Pilots (until we launch our Controllers Club - lol - that was a joke - maybe).

Now on the flying side. We clearly state that the Pilot Club network is a fun network. The Pilot Club network does not try to operate procedures as real as they get. If a strict controlling atmosphere is what you after then there are other better networks out there which simulate these conditions (that is exactly why our VA supports all online networks!).

Please dont get me wrong - controllers are more than welcome !!! However, we are offering a more relaxed network where one (a Pilot) does not need to spend hours preparing for a flight.

Perhaps we shall have to be careful on how we market our event evenings? are we now aiming for the wrong audience? With our events and mentions of SID's and STARS and multi-tiered controller coverage are we aiming too high for the new members who, especially at the shows, are having this sold to them as an online multi player network with fancy software to help them get the live weather?

Just food for thought!


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