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  • Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2006 13:55:24 +0100

Many thanks for the lead. Now printed and off to a darkened room, to read and digest.
I may be gone for some time.

Gerry Winskill

Mike Brook wrote:

Hello Gerry -

The page is actually still up on Bones' JHB pages (bless his cotton
socks, what would we all do without him <g>).  See

Problem is, of course, most of the info is now obsolete with the sad
demise of FPI (it was all very much ATOC-specific) but you may get
something from it...  Be VERY careful, networking can be a total
minefield <G>.  Maybe Peter or Paul (if they could carefully climb down
from the wall first - sorry, showing my age again) could offer a more
up-to-date tutorial on home networking?  I am a mere novice...


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Mike, Err, any chance of a copy of the "how to do it" article, if you still have it? If so, off line would be fine. At present I'm the possessor of 2 PCs, with a Router Switch unit in the mail. Total ignorance isn't an asset.

Gerry Winskill


Mike Brook wrote:

Bones -

I've dropped a line to Grant as you suggested (and copied it you
off-list). I took the liberty of quoting Paul (hope he

doesn't mind!)

as his use of his home LAN set-up is very similar to mine.  I didn't
copy the post to the List simply because I really only repeated the
points that Paul and I had already made.

Looking back into my email archives (yes, I really have kept

every post

to the List since the year dot - sad really...) I found that

I started

to use FS/FPI across a LAN only after reading an article about
'how-to-do-it' on your JHB pages.  An article that was attributed to
Peter Dodds!

I'll keep you in touch with anything that I get back from Grant.


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