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I've already answered these questions in the forum Peter.

If you hit further problems it may be faster to troubleshoot them here as
the PC forum is getting tricky to keep up to date with. Too many varied
topics in one thread...


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It's there now after a second install. Shows in all views too. Right - I got
a connection, which showed up in Servinfo. Changed frequency using my
Goflight units - change reflected in pcf window. SFSG.

But how do I do anything with it? Having forgotten everything I ever knew
about ATOC I can't see how to transmit on
voice or set up your mike, PTT button etc. (There is still a box to tick
called "Use ATOC voce, I notice). Also - the old ATOC bugbear remains of
being unable to file a flight plan because I can't enter an aircraft type -
box is greyed out.  Do I need to load this Rar file?
Then I couldn't get rid of the FP window - there's no exit key. There is
also no minimise icon on the connect window -
once connected it could be relegated to the task bar surely?

No, I'm not there yet, it seems. :-(

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