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  • Date: Sat, 9 Dec 2006 16:40:25 -0000

From top to bottom what I think we see are:

1. Start up screen with news and maybe email posts from PCI.
2. Communicator in transparent mode over other apps - ServInfo shown.
3. Same but over FSX
4. Not sure - MP3 player by the titles. Joke.. <g> Looks like COM1 and COM2
boxes as before but with fancy icons.
5. Users in Voice channel. Not sure what the difference is with this and the
above - maybe a conference call?
6. Voice channel options.
7. List of active voice channels. (Neat - saves having to look in ServInfo)
8. Airfield plan. Seems identical to that available in the controller
9. Obviously an airfield layout but is it a sort of offset tower view? I'm
curious about this one as it isn't a view of FSX itself (no menu bar as in
earlier shot).
10. Help, About screen.

I like what I see as it gives the pilots the same level of communication
that controllers currently have. Direct chat to other users, clear
indication of the channels in use, airfield layout with taxiways and parking
marked on screen (but not in their screenshot). If it works like the ATC
software you also see other aircraft on the airfield.


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It does indeed.  Last weekend Grant personally promised me that Stefan would
have it finished by this weekend - the face that Stefan pulled when he heard
that was a picture!  I'm patient...


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> Some screenshots of the new Communicator now up at
> http://board.pilot-club.com/showthread.php?tid=208
> Looks very good indeed.
> bones
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