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much like you I have on pc1 an apg card which is the main fs screen. a pci card on which is fs nav.pc 2 is on a lan and on it I run or did atoc, metro ,fs wide and the like taking some of load off the main pc all fs scenery is now on its own 10000rpm hd
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Does the second machine share monitors with the first?
Gerry Winskill

franklyn fisher wrote:

I forgot to ask. Are you using a separate keyboard and mouse for your
second machine?

Yes Gerry

The main machine has its own keyb and mouse(and 2 monitors)
The second machine also has its own keyb and mouse
The laptop is as.

the three machines are connected to the internet through a router, and all machines are interconnected thro the network.

Not forgetting the wifes laptop..


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