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I've just come back into this room from yet another session, pondering on this very subject. When the new machine arrives I'll have two, plus a little used laptop. I've also got a Router on order, birthday present.
The very simplest essential is to be able to have Internet / Email acces from the Laptop, to cover any main PC problems; hence the router. I want to design out any future periods of email inaccessibillity.

After that I'd like to keep the new PC solely for FS and all the essential addons. I'd like to avoid using self install routines on this one, to try to design out the system debillitating effects that the increasing numbers of these seem to have. When I look through the Programmes menu on this machine, it runs to 2 1/2 full columns. Many of the programmes don't ring any bells. Many are associated with sceneries that I've long stopped using, like VFR France. Others are starting to creep in via the VFR Addons Autogen downloads.

I don't mind the new machine's capabillities being used for non invasive activities like photography. I don't want to do any scenery design on it, since, whilst I'm doing it, the system definitely slows down.
Initially I'd thought I'd not connect the new system to ADSL, since I can download onto either this machine, or the laptop, then transfer "installed" programmes across, via the LaCie External HD. ADSL access seems unavoidable, for MP, FPI, Servinfo and ActiveSky.

Continuing to use this machine, alongside the new one, would entail either yet another monitor or one of the switching devices that allows one monitor / keyboard / mouse setup to service both PCs. That's complicated by the fact that this PC has 5 monitors!!!!!!!

It's also going to be yet another scource of heat and of power connsumption.

I should really use the Laptop to perform the non FS activities and for email etc, but it's so bl.....y slow, by comparison.

Meanwhile I'm accumulating more and more bits of paper, bearing job lists and schematic arrangements. The abbacus was much simpler!

Gerry Winskill

After that the system I have in mind would be to use the Laptop for email, internet, Lotus (finances),

Bones wrote:

Yes - once we have an IP Address we can bang it into ServInfo.


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The ideal, I think, would be to have a dedicated FS machine. All the hassle
people have trying to run it across a LAN or otherwise as the case may be.

I would only have a second computor for displaying standalone progs.

ie I currently have my main machine, for FS, with 2 monitors, and my second
machine, for downloading metars/flightplans, Servinfo, email etc.

Mind you, a Duron750 is not much use for anything else anyway.

I take it that the new software can or will be viewed in Servinfo.

Frank F

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