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You must be doing something right because I saw you on Monday night getting
airborne from either Luton or Stansted as JHB116. I think you dropped off my
screen after you had gone about 15/20nm.
I also do not get a "clean" start in PCF as my URL box also emptied after
pressing the "get up to date server". Typing it in manually seemed to do
nothing either but a good few seconds later it kicked in and I got the green
bar across the top of the screen.

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Dear all, 

Having spent a considerable amount of time without my FS machine, I have had
to keep up to date with all developments on Pilot Club either by using my
son's laptop or the office computer.

With my machine now repaired, I have also taken the plunge and come by a
router which allows the laptop to access the internet.  Saves the arguments
with all the family.  After all, what is more important, flying on-line or
accessing the internet for 'O' and 'A' level coursework...

What must be bourne in mind is that my knowledge of computers extends to
pressing the 'ON' button and that's about it. 

When I was using ATOC I had no problems.  Voice was generally OK and I had
no problems accessing servers.  It seems to be a totally different situation
with PCF.  I have downloaded the latest version - which I believe is 4.03,
including the new voice client update.  I fire up MSFS (2004) and the Pilot
Club option appears in the task bar at the top.  Shift and tab brings up the
PCF box which I complete with VID and P/W.  From then on, everything goes
t*ts up.  There are no servers in the server list despite clicking on the
'get up to date server' button.  Attempts to connect using the connect
button do not have any effect.  All I get is an error message saying that
the IP address is incorrect or someone else is logged on with the same name.
Attempts to cut and paste the IP address shown in Servinfo (the one
beginning 82. or the voice.club1.com version (from memory)) have the same

I run the voice client from the pilot club folder and get the headphones in
the task bar.  Attempts to connect showing ATC ie typing in for example
EGTT_CTR or JHB_OPS get the same error message.

I have seen a number of posts relating to port forwarding.  Is this likely
to be the problem?  I have tried the port forwarding programme mentioned in
these pages and tried to open port 15000 but this does not sem to have
worked.  Being from the school of "I know FS doesn't work, but if I touch
anything else will it screw the rest of the system up for the family", I
decided that discretion was the better part of valour and deleted the rule.

Does anyone have any idea of whst the problem could be - apart from the
stupidity of the user? 


Colin Wilding

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