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Exactly my own thoughts, Mike ...

Mike L

Mike Brook wrote:
Bones -

I wouldn't dream of abandoning JHB!  Any flying hours that I undertake
under the Pilot Club system will be exclusively as a JHB pilot. I can
live without 'club miles'. I won't be making ANY flights as a PUB pilot
(the only PUB I'm interested in the one at the top of my road, although
once they stop serving 'Oakham Ales JHB' beer I may well reconsider...).

Diamonds are forever!


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Now that Pilot Club is more or less operational they will, understandably, start promoting their own VA. It features prominently on their home page whilst other VA's are slightly buried away in the Network page.

One thing Pilot Club are promoting is the club miles system.
If you fly with
PUB you get credited with points for the length of time you
fly online. The
points can be converted to cash to buy products from the web
site. If you
look at their VA pages the previous Ranking system no longer
shows hours
flown but points collected.

This ranking will not be available to pilots of other VA's
because we will
not accrue points for flying on the network. JHB could adopt
its own points
system but I will admit that I simply cannot afford to pay you all for
flying online. I therefore fully understand if pilots are
tempted to move
over to PUB and I have no objection to that.

To be fair to JHB though I would ask that pilots flying PUB
assignments do
not claim the same hours with JHB. This is a standard VA rule
and it is a
reasonable one - you can't claim an hours flight with two
separate VA's and
double your flying totals. A side effect of this is to stop
FS users from
joining many VA's and claiming higher ranks with each through
flight reports.

As PUB isn't a normal airline I regret that for any pilots
transferring to
them I cannot forward your flight hours total to them as is
done between
other VA's. They may have hours records on their VA pages but
I can't access
these as they are member only.


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