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  • From: "Bones" <bones@xxxxxxx>
  • To: "JHB Email List" <jhb_airlines@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2006 16:04:03 +0100

Dear JHB Pilots,


Thank you for agreeing to venture into the world of Pilot Club beta testing.


Before we get into details I must ask you to keep all information within
Pilot Club confidential for the next few weeks. In approximately 3 weeks
time we will officially launch Pilot Club. Up until then we still have lots
to do and naturally test! You will witness many changes over the coming
hours/days/weeks: whether it be graphic layout changes, new software,
software modifications, announcements of items not yet listed within Pilot
Club, etc. We will do our best to keep you entertained & busy.


Our first goal is to test the registration system. Please go and register
yourselves for Pilot Club – by clicking on the register button. Then
purchase a Pilot Club Membership – when asked what payment method you want
to use just use any – you can even enter a fictive credit card number … Now,
as we are not going to really change you we must manually approve your
application. As soon as we see it come in we will do this. However, if you
purchase your membership at 2:00 .a.m. it could be that we are asleep and we
will approve it as soon as we wake-up in the morning. So, please be patient.
You will receive an automatic e-mail once your membership has been accepted.


So, now that you are a full blown Pilot Club member please test the shop.
Please buy, buy, buy … All purchases are FICTIVE at the moment. Thus, no
panic, you are not really buying the products. Please see if you can crash
the shop ;-) Please report anything strange back to us via the forum.


Now, I know you are also dying to get online to fly. This is the second
step. We plan on having the online network functioning sometime on Sunday.
However, please keep an eye on the Pilot Club website – we will announce new
details on the main page and in the forum. Your online flight network ID and
password are the same as your Pilot Club ID and password.

Have fun, find bugs, make recommendations and stay tuned for more details
coming soon.


Ah – you need the Pilot Club access details (it is password protected at the

Link: https://www.pilot-club.com/shop/home.php
User name: pilotclub
Password: s1mul@t0r




Grant & Stefan



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