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  • Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2006 09:21:35 +0100

Still putting alternative LAN or no Lan ideas on paper and not pushed for time, since PCSpecialists just advised the new one isn't in Building stage yet!

What I'm wondering about is whether I could still get away with using two machines, whose sole link is the ADSL Router. If that alone comprises a LAN, then please forgive my ignorance.

When running in FPI, I could reduce the display load by running Servinfo on my Laptop; no LAN connection required.

On the "Flying" PC, I could accomodate, on the screens, FS9, FSNav and ATOC. That would leave the offscreen loads from ASv6 and ATOC, that could theoretically move to a LAN connected Laptop. However, with a dual core processor, will I need to that? I know that FS9 itself isn't written with dual processors, or HT, in mind but won't the system be capable of running FS9 on one and the ancillary progs on the second processor?

Gerry Winskill

Tom Smith wrote:

much like you I have on pc1 an apg card which is the main fs screen. a pci card on which is fs nav.pc 2 is on a lan and on it I run or did atoc, metro ,fs wide and the like taking some of load off the main pc all fs scenery is now on its own 10000rpm hd
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Does the second machine share monitors with the first?
Gerry Winskill

franklyn fisher wrote:

I forgot to ask. Are you using a separate keyboard and mouse for your
second machine?

Yes Gerry

The main machine has its own keyb and mouse(and 2 monitors)
The second machine also has its own keyb and mouse
The laptop is as.

the three machines are connected to the internet through a router, and all machines are interconnected thro the network.

Not forgetting the wifes laptop..


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