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Similar set-up here Mike, I ran FS and ASv6 on my flying machine (AMD64
3200, 1Gb RAM, X300 PCI-Express) constant frame rates of 25 though I've had
them in the 90's when set to unlimited.  Second machine ran FS-Commander,
ServInfo and ATOC 1.9f.  Voice being triggered from joystick commands on
flying machine using FSUIPC keysends and WideFS.

Functionally this meant I had Nav and radio on my 2nd PC with flying and
weather on the first.  When I had that period of not being able to get 1.9f
running over the LAN (thanks to Norton Internet Security updates) I found I
had to Alt-Tab out of FS to change radio frequencies.  While it's still
functional, this swapping back and forth spoilt the fun.  The answer If I
remember correctly was to run in windowed mode. Practical but not pretty.
For those running two monitors on one machine I suppose this could be
feasible but with a single monitor it soon becomes irritating.

If this is the way the new pilot client works then I'll give it a go but I
can see myself graduating towards VATSim and only using the Pilot Club for
JHB sessions.


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I'm not sure that Grant has grasped what I meant by wanting to run across my
LAN.  My flying pc is a lowly P4 2GHz with just 512MB RAM. Great for running
FS9 in fullscreen with FSNav active on a second monitor with acceptable
frame rates of 15-20.  All other s/w needed for a satisfactory FS experience
ran on a second pc hard-wire linked across my home LAN.  Using WideFS I ran
ASv6, ServInfo and the full FPI/ATOC package including Voice on this second

In tests, however, I found that I was unable to run the alternative ATOC
Express package across my LAN which meant that it had to be run on my
already busy 'flying' machine.  With voice etc this reduced my FS frame
rates to a unacceptably poor 5-7 and was very tedious to use.

I don't think that any of us LAN users actually want to fly/control in
private sessions independent of the internet and the pilot-club servers
which I suspect is  what Grant thought that we meant...

I hope that I'm wrong, nevertheless I shall certainly be trying out the new
s/w to see if I can duplicate my 'old' cross-LAN set-up with it!!


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> Reply from Grant..
> "Hi Bones,
> We will not offer a LAN possibility. It is a free-of-charge online
> network (you do not need to be a 'paying' Pilot Club member to use
> the network - we
> changed our minds). Anyone can logon and fly & control
> completely free of
> charge - thus, we don't need a LAN connection (would also not
> be in our
> interest).
> We have decided to go one step further with the JHB pilots. At the end
> of this week we will provide your pilots we complete access to
> Pilot Club. They
> way they can already get a first impression of it, make
> recommendations,
> etc. They can even order products from the shop if they want
> - and we will
> ship them out now (expect FSX - we need to wait for Microsoft
> to lunch it
> first) (naturally, they are not at all required to order
> products if they do
> not want too!!). Please make it very clear to all your pilots
> that we are
> still 4 weeks away from launching Pilot Club - thus, the layout is not
> finalized, not all products (payware/freeware) have been
> uploaded, not all
> areas have finalized text, etc., etc. They can happily watch
> as we finalize
> it over the coming weeks J. However, I must ask that they do
> not communicate
> anything they see within the Pilot Club to anyone else
> (normally, we would
> pass out NDA's - but we trust the JHB crew) until it is
> officially launched.
> They will also be able to sign-up for the online network
> themselves - thus,
> the list you sent Stefan we will not use.
> OK, as soon as the online network is functioning I'll provide you with
> further details.
> Have a good evening!
> Grant"
> Not exactly the answer you were hoping for..
> bones
> bones@xxxxxxx
> http://fsaviation.net

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