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The issue of static aircraft is a complex one but raises the same problems
as the AI system.

Both AI and static generated scenery is unique to each FS user. Although you
can see these aircraft neither the controller or other online users can. ATC
therefore cannot park you relative to your static aircraft and they cannot
park other online pilots in such a way to avoid your statics.

It gets more complex too. As each online pilot is likely to have differing
static and AI aircraft it means everyone has a completely different traffic
situation. Static aircraft are usually relative to scenery loaded and
possibly vary according to time so it is almost impossible to have online
pilots viewing identical traffic situations.

Inevitably this means AI has to be turned off and, ideally, statics too.
Either that or keep statics visible and accept that nobody else can see

One answer would be for IVAO to generate its own AI system to produce busier
airspace. This would be nice but they could not be totally automated robotic
aircraft - they would have to be capable of accepting instructions from ATC.
I think this capability would be well above anything that IVAO could design
into the system right now.


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Firstly can I say how much I am enjoying flying out of Phil's EGBB.

It is good for 2 reasons, not only is the scenery detail superb, but 
as Birmingham is a training base for IVAO and  is more often than not

As it has been some time since I have flown FS, can someone advise me 
on static aircraft placement?
I am flying a small bizjet, mostly from the Elmdon Apron near Fox 1.
I know that AI is disabled when online, but it seems odd to look 
across and see no other aircraft, particularly when there are lots of 
airport vehicles on the go!.
Are there any conflicts if there is alreadt a static at a gate, and a 
"live" IVAO flight taxi's to the same gate?

Perhaps you may know of a ready made file that can achieve this?

best wishes to all, and special thanks to Phil Reynolds

Kev T

At 18:06 4/30/2008, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>I've got a new version of my EGBB scenery ready for release and 
>thought I'd give you guys the run of it first before I release it to 
>the masses.
>I have removed runway 06-24 and replaced it with the newly allocated 
>taxiways L and T, added new markings and lighting for these 
>taxiways, moved a few inaccurate taxiways and (for FSX only) added 
>misc buildings behind the main terminal. There are also a few tweaks 
>to gate types and sizes in the AFCAD file.
>There are two versions, one for FSX and one for FS9.  You'll need 
>v1.0 installed as these are update files only.

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