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A search on Bombarier Q400 reference speeds threw up www.q400.com, there's a
link for specifications which throws up a javascript error for me but may
work for you and provide the details you require.


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I've just dug up an early flight test. The V1 / Vr for the Q400 seems to
be about 20kias higher than the 300.
Only settings for one weight available. Back to Yahoo.

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

>FLAP V1/R  V2  Icing Cond
>0°   110  117    +5
>5°   103  108    +5
>10°   95   99    +7
>15°   93   95    +10
>0°   VFTO 121    +15
>That's from Oleksiy's Dash 8 300 manual - I've got nothing for the
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>I've spent the day, well most of it, modifying Rob Barendregt's Vspeed
>gauge, to suit my normal CA aircraft. Once his instructions are
>decyphered it's not too difficult. The sticking point at the moment is
>that next in the queue is the Q400 and I haven't any real life data for
>it. What I'm looking for is the Vnumber data for lowest and highest
>take off weights, at the normal flap settings used. The Bombardier
>website doesn't have it. Anyone able to suggest a site where I might
>find it?
>The gauge is useful in that it also provides the speed calls, filling
>the empty second seat gap.
>Gerry Winskill

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