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Actually I can close down AV on the flying machine, I run e-mail etc on the
second machine which has a separate/different AV running.

I have always been running ASV on the flying machine, was considering
trasferring to the 2nd pc but with P club looking to get the weather
running, I think I'll wait.

Re: FS Nav, anything that take processing time on the flying machine, which
FSNav MUST do will mean it will potentially delay the processing of the
incoming AI data whether connected to multiplayer or not.  Therefore simply
running it will have an impact however small.


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I know my Av software slows FS2004 down massively as it runs a check on
every file opened. Considering the number of textures VFGM uses it amazing
it runs at all..

Do you really need AV software running when in an FPI session? As long as
you don't touch mail or unknown web pages the firewall should give you
protection from hackers.

When they get the weather server up and running that should take ASv6 out of
the loop. As for FSNav I wonder if the load increases if you connect it to
the session?


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It's been discussed here many times has server lag.  We've always assumed it
to be because of the flow of information between the online servers and our
machines.  It turns out this isn't the case at all.  From the description
Stefan has given to a post on the forum, It's how we are using our machines
may be causing the phenomenon.

So if you're partial to doing other things while flying then you may be
introducing the, what should properly be called, client lag by doing so.

How far this goes will take some experimenting but I suspect the FSNav users
may find it's use is potentially one source of induced lag as is Active Sky.
Indeed, anything that takes the focus (or processing) away from FS itself is
likely to be a culprit.

As fpr external programmes, I'll be closing Skype down while online, I'll
also be disabling other online utilities (spyware etc) except for AV and

This suggests more and more that a dedicated FS machine is preferable.
Though watch those add-ons, if they're using up processing resources then
it'll also be adding to the risk of lag.

There was a freeware utility that optimised resources then started up FS can
anyone remember what it was or have a link for it?  I used to run it before
the re-install bought about by Norton Internet.


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