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  • Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2006 23:23:15 +0100

I still have Enditall but it's of doubtful value. I ran it just now and it showed 15 programmes running, only 4 of which are "unlocked", so closeable.
By contrast Task Manager shows 40 running! Of these 23 are listed as SYSTEM. We've been here before, since the Task Manager problem is lack of info on which can be safely shut down. There's a website that offers advice but following that, and closing down the "uneccessary" programmes, dropped me into deep doodah, from which I emerged only by running System Restore.
Anyone able to come up with an accurate list of the progs that can be ditched with impunity would qualify for a Nobel Prize.

Gerry Winskill

Mike Brook wrote:

Paul -
It was called "EndItAll", I'm not sure that it is still available as freeware. Could be worth a Google search...
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I've lost that "software thingymabob", I've probably still got it
on disk somewhere amongst my backups but finding it may take
weeks. Do you have a link for it Alex?

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        Very simply it is an issue for everyone, as suggested earlier
        today the little software thingymabob that shuts down all non
        essential processes is good - as long as it is set up correctly.

        Proper machine maintenance such as a Defrag never does any
        harm. Especially if done weekly.

        One option that was explored as part of the project was a
        batch runfile that totally stripped FS down to the bare
        essentials before using whatever it is you wanted.

        However this only really works if you have a favorite aircraft
        that you use for every session. A batch file is created for
        each individual that totally removes all FS options apart from
        the ones for that session or whatever.

        So say you were going to fly online with pilot club in a EGNM
        - EGCC event in your Fokker 100 using the PFC weather.

        You'd double click on the batch file prior to loading FS up
        and this would remove all your aircraft (bar the fokker) to a
        temporary folder, swap your scenery CFG for one with simply
        the UK data in it, Temporarily remove all the DLL's for
        everything Bar PFC.
        That'd take about 4 - 5 mins to run and At that point you'd
        run the little process killing app. then you'd load FS (at
        lightning speed ;) ) and join the session.

        That'd leave your PC's CPU with nothing but FS to concentrate
        on (and your internet connection etc) and your FS engine with
        nothing but your aircraft, the little (comparatively) UK
        scenery tiles and then have all its other processing power
        (normally weighed down with sifting through files not
        required) to send and receive MP data.

        At the end of the session you simply click the other batch
        file and it moves it all back like nothing ever happened.

        That is the ideal scenario and we did get it working (although
        for a program not MP sessions) with very little hassle. FS
        loaded in literally seconds, FPS increases were about 10+ on
        most machines and bar a few teething troubles it worked
        perfectly for about 4 months.

        However the problem with that is that it requires a re-write
        of the batch file everytime you install a new add-on or remove
        an add-on - which would probably be hell with you lot ;)


        Alastair wrote:

        Doah! my head hurts <G>

        Alex, practically speaking, is there anything that an
        individual can do to reduce server lag, or is it a 'group
        thing' that applies to all the server traffic, as a whole?


        Alex - Reheat.org wrote:


        In another project I've been involved in there has been much
        study done on the subject of FS an its "Data Pipes" (an SDK
        term so excuse its use) and there are many things that can
        affect it.

        FS data, in and out of multi player sessions is hooked into
        the FS Engine in two different ways, first of all there is
        the ported data, brought in through direct IP/P2P access
        such as MP sessions or XML gauges etc directly into the sim.

        The second is the background process information, such as
        that brought in via a plugin module such as Active Sky or
        another DLL process.

        WideFS and FSUIPC are so successful as they are a mix of the
        two. An external module that can take data from .gau/xml or
        other DLLs and directly port it through to FS.

        The way that FS gives priority to the data coming from these
        is not 100% understood but as a basic rule the it goes:

        XML Gau
        Navaids/ GPS Data

        There are algorithms in existance that allow the Background
        data to refresh doubly as quick as the Ported thus giving
        superior performance to ported data but this also, to an
        extent, relies on porting.

        As Stefan explained it is the FS engines processing of these
        that causes lag, the hardware processing the data is limited
        to the CPU/RAM and HDD. This is one area of FS that the
        Video card comes into very little unless the process is
        telling FS to "draw" data...which it isn't - it is the MP
        session telling FS to do that, which will get reasonably
        high priority anyway.

        I bet that made no sense at all...perhaps a diagram would
        have worked better!


        franklyn fisher wrote:

        I wonder if the hardware can also be at fault, for instance

        I have an AMD 64/3200 machine with 1gb ram.

        But my video card is from a previous machine ( an

        I do realise that the video is holding up my machine, so an
        upgrade to an ATI X1600ProAGP from an ATI 9600ProAGP (half
        the speed) should in theory, half the queing time, thus the
        draw to screen must be quicker. Therefore cutting my server

        Other hardware factors could also contribute, but speeding
        up the video from machine thro to the screen must be a

        Frank F


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