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Further problems indicate something isn't right. The trouble is that they
are subtle failures and I can't nail the problem down to any specific
hardware. Examples are:
1. Internet connection stops working. I still show as connected but the
datastream is no longer showing activity. The last active page is still on
screen but any subsequent selection brings up the usual "Cannot find" page.
If this happens I can't reconnect - it goes through the usual protocols but
hangs at the "Verifying username and password" bit. Only a reboot allows me
to continue.
2. Software can likewise just stop working. I can be halfway through writing
a sentence and it just stops. Oddly enough I can still close the program
down and other running items are unaffected.
Failures like this are frustrating because it could be the mobo, memory, CPU
or graphics card/drivers. Another point is that it seems to have started
since the last Windows update.
Anyone got suggestions as to how you can verify the operation of mobo,
memory or CPU as individual items?

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Trouble is that the Health software shuts down the PC and this was happening
so fast I couldn't get at the menu to disable the item!

I know what it feels like! When I had problems connecting to the internet I
read in somebody's help file to seek help from their web site!
Frank T.

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