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Sorry but I've got problems of my own here now. The silly PC Health software
has set off all the alarms because it thinks the CPU fan is running at
700rpm. It isn't - because a reboot into BIOS shows it is happily humming
along at 1500rpm - and I know the sound well enough to know it's not dying.

Trouble is that the Health software shuts down the PC and this was happening
so fast I couldn't get at the menu to disable the item!


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Having discovered, last night, that I could fly the Default C182 without
pauses, I've spent a couple of hours checking through my APM20, to see
if I can narrow down the cause, when flying this, my GA aircraft of choice.

If I fly it using the Cessna panel, then no pauses, therefore it's the
panel and not the aircraft.

I disabled all gauges in the Main panel section, by inserting an X at
the begining of each gauge name, in Panel.cfg file. No improvement. Next I
deleted the various Virtual Cockpit setions and the pauses
disappeared. No idea why, since I couldn't spot anything obvious in that
section. The pauses were there even though I never use VC mode. All's
well, etc.

Whilst doing all of this the process was complicated by the fact that,
for the first time, this aircraft's PANEL folder refuses to open. The
task bat says it is but nothing appears on screen. I got round it by
making a copy of the folder. The copy opened OK. I then made the changes
to that folder's Panel.cfg, then copying that to the folder wot won't open.

Any bright ideas why it's ceased to open?

Gerry Winskill

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