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I have - but it was the final FS challenge for me.

I've made scenery and aircraft going back to FS4, dabbled with Adventure
files in FS5 and some basic panel work in FS98. Repaints, AI aircraft and
AFCAD's followed then a rehash of the default AI traffic in FS2002 to
replace all the US callsigns with more appropriate ones relative to each
country. Then it was AFCAD's and autogen..

The only two areas I hadn't touched were sounds and gauges. I'd looked at
sounds in FS2002 and almost got the hang of the syntax but then it changed
in FS2004 and is now a very specialist subject. Gauges have reversed, once
being hard except for C++ programmers but now much more accessible.

To tell the truth I only intended to make the ASI for the Aztec as Fred's
gauge was in MPH and most are now in KTS. It was so easy to do that it drew
me in further.. <g>


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Love that panel Bones, and the screen shot is so clear.
You must have spent a hell of a lot of hours on it.

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