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That would be the cheapest problem to resolve but I've only had the 550 watt Golden Silent for about 9 months and for three of those we were away.

Looking to see what had changed, before the lockup; within an hour I'd just doubled the RAM.
A few minutes before I'd just re booted and enabled Hyper Threading
I'd just leaned the lid against it. It's been leaning on a cupboard for weeks. It wasn't fastened on but might have changed marginal conditions.

With no progs loaded the CPU temp is currently 45 deg C.

Gerry Winskill

Paul wrote:


As you've probably already concluded, the lock up is from over-heating.

Possible causes are:

        Cooling fan(s) slowing/failing.
        Graphics card overheating
        Power supply failing

The last of these is usually the most suspect.


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I was quietly pottering along when the FS9 display froze and a high pitched and continuous alarm started. I tried to set up the temperature display but everything was locked up, still with FS9 filling the screen. I tried to rest the system but nothing happened. Next I tried to close down via the front panel's power button. No result. Finally I had to shut down via the main power in switch, on the back of the PC case. When I tried to power up again there was a series of clicks and another lockup, which again left me having to shut down via the power in switch. After 30 minutes I've been able to re start. Won't run FS9 until I have a better idea of likely cause. Any bright ideas gratefully accepted. What was the old add..."You're never alone with a Strand". Your never so alone as when the PC goes down!!!!!!!!!!

Gerry Winskill

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