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I have used "7Zip" for years, its brilliant. You never hear from it. To unzip/rar/gtz/gz/7z/ whatever the file you right click on it and 7zip is a quiet little menu there. No big interfaces, it just unpacks and packs silently. Very quick and powerful, totally free too.


I would highly recommend it! Really is brilliant.


Mike Brook wrote:
Thanks Bones.  I'm happy to remove the Q300 logo if you would rather, I
only put it on as a bit of 'eye-candy'.  Wilco on the mini-diamonds,
later this evening as I'm presently trying to set-up the new P-C
software (how the h*ll does one unpack a '.rar' file without having to
use nasty spyware laden German unpack software???)...


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One final touch if you could. Add a very small diamond to
either the forward
port door or just behind the cockpit glass - just like the
Dreamwings Dash

The big Q300 logo rather smacks you in the face a bit but I'm
not going to
worry about that as I haven't got the aircraft.

As soon as the aircraft gets the JHB pilot's stamp I'll slot
it onto the
aircraft page where the 747 Freighter used to be.


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Dash 8-Q300 pics updated per Bones' suggestions.  Please let
me know if I
should change anything else.  Any other comments?





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