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Give me a couple of days before I start it. I have one urgent and rather
hush hush job to do right now with an acute deadline and then we have
visitors for the weekend. Hopefully I should be able to start on Monday..


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Don't forget these are "Fly" boys ;-)


At 19:07 11/18/2004, you wrote:
>It's a complex job but quite feasible. PMDG have provided the textures 
>in both TGA and PCD format with the latter nicely split into several 
>layers. All I need to do is add one more and splash the colours on 
>The only problem is that there are no instructions with the kit and I 
>don't know what all the bitmaps cover. A good number are inside detail 
>and these are quite stunning. Outside bitmaps are the usual collection 
>but also include some gems like the engine detail which becomes visible 
>when reverse thrust is selected. Some I have no idea about at all but 
>will no doubt find out when I paint the fuselage blue and then find 
>One very nice touch is that the fuselage is provided as the normal 
>three part affair for nose, middle and tail but a separate bitmap 
>contains the whole fuselage side. I was puzzled about this at first 
>because it is not a texture for the FS model but then the penny 
>dropped. You actually paint the full aircraft side and then transfer 
>the sections to the three others. That way all your cheat lines will 
>correctly align regardless of whether they are straight or complex..  
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