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Is it possible to use an xml gage as
or must it be in as a .cab file?

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

If the Dreamwings panel has XML gauges in it then it should be very easy to
look up the A: variable they have used in the gauge and  design a dial for

Rotary dials have lag designed into them. If you want fast needle response
such as an ASI you use

        <Delay DegreesPerSecond="360"/>

but if the gauge has a slow response (fuel and oil temp needles) you use
something lower like

        <Delay DegreesPerSecond="15"/>

A digital readout is always instantaneous.

I don't know if Tony uploaded Lerwick to the normal FS sites. It was scenery
he made when some topic or other was going the rounds on either ukscenery or
this list - I think about GMax. Look for EGETV1.1.zip and also
EGET_Update.zip. If you can't find them I can send you a copy.


PS  A Q400 can get into London City so Kirkwall is no problem.

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Last night has probably caused me to get diverted again; back into gauges. I wanted to fly the first sector out of Kirkwall, having flown in earlier in the day. A turboprop seemed a good choice and the Dreamwings' delightful Q400 is fast enough not to produce overlong sectors. In common with a few other realistic aircraft, it highlights an FS9 trait; oversensitivity of the AutoThrottle gauge. Adjust its throttles manually and there's a realistic lag in spooling up or down. Switch in A/T and the throttles seldom cease moving, even in the cruise. For that reason I've started to handle throttles manually, in the Q400. Since I wasn't sure it could get out of Kirkwall, I'd spent some time doing fuel calibration runs, so that I could leave with the official minimum fuel load. Whilst doing this it seemed sensible to note the Power settings needed for the various climb, cruise, descent and hold speeds I'd be using. Naturally I had to wait for % Power to settle, after each throttle adjustment. Whilst waiting, I had time to look at the many sets of data, visible in the three glass displays. In the Engine panel were two readings alongside " TH ". Eventually it dawned on me that this muust stand for Percent Thrust, or Percent Throttle. Whichever, if you're adjusting power manually, it makes life much easier because it reacts immediately and with no lag; set the required thrust and % Power will eventually settle where you want it. It also makes the idea of doing power setting calibration, and not relying on AT, more attractive. So, it's off to look for the relevant line and try to knock out some sort of Thrust gauge, for more general use. That's after I've looked for Tony Pick's Lerwick and having decided to resist the temptation to try to make a few of your missing Scottish airfields.

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

Considering we only had two controllers on tonight instead of the usual
four or five it was still a very good evening - even if the traffic was
heavily biased towards JHB.. <vbg> Our regular foreign visitors were
absent tonight but I saw them sailing down towards the Med so maybe
there was another session going on.

Alternatively they may have decided to go elsewhere because no
notification of the sessions is possible with the forum being down. I
wonder if the UKI pages could get their own?

Temporary or not it was very nice to see you pop in. I was looking
forward to my first radar approach on FPI but your visual call
terminated it after just 1.5nm so I guess it doesn't count. It would
have been better if the FPI screen had a centreline for EGPO but these
only appear on ILS runways - a pity as directional guidance becomes a
bit of a guess without them.

Many thanks to everyone else who took part - and I pass this on from
Dave at Prestwick too. As he rightly said, it would have been a dull
evening without the Diamond crews. Dave also asked me a question that
may put a smile on your faces. He said "How many of your Diamond pilots
are real life aircrew?". It's nice to know you are all good enough to
merit such a question.. <g>


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Hi John,

EGNS  EGGP   1725  1754  00:29
EGGP  EGPH   1830  1917  00:47

Good session this evening on FPI. Great to be back in the saddle even
if only temporarily.


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