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I think the AFCAD height variations is not an uncommon fault. At two out of three of last night's airfields I noticed what seemed to be spray thrown up, as I turned off a runway, onto the taxiway. The turn off at Prestwick was one such case. It was probably a smoke effect, from the front wheel of the Q400.

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

Alastair confirmed this on his arrival later on.

I grabbed the scenery myself and looked at it later. Tiree and Benbecula
were OK but all the runways at EGPO have reversed runway ID's. A quick look
at the AFCAD's showed that they were correct so the puzzle was why?

I decompiled the Stornoway.bgl and found that the SCASM code is incorrect -
runways are reversed in the code. I can't change this because some code is
strange and BGLAnalyse may not recompile it properly. What I did notice was
that the runway elevation was set at 8.00m but the AFCAD elevation is 7.98m.

So far I have raised the AFCAD height to 8.01m and I have put the three
AFCAD's in a separate folder layered above the scenery. Neither has made any
difference. Further tests show that the AFCAD isn't working at all but I'll
have to look at this later.

One thing I noticed was that the AFCAD's for Stornoway and Tiree fail the
AFCAD testing on a number of counts so the author hasn't been good at
creating these. In addition the runways and taxiways at Tiree have different
elevation values and I suggest these be corrected. JABBGL is probably the
fastest way but AFCAD is good enough.


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It was a good session, thanks to all concerned. Has anyone else noticed that the add-on scenery at EGPO has the runway heading markings on 18/36 reversed?


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Considering we only had two controllers on tonight instead of the usual four or five it was still a very good evening - even if the traffic was heavily biased towards JHB.. <vbg> Our regular foreign visitors were absent tonight but I saw them sailing down towards the Med so maybe there was another session going on.

Alternatively they may have decided to go elsewhere because no
notification of the sessions is possible with the forum being down. I
wonder if the UKI
pages could get their own?

Temporary or not it was very nice to see you pop in. I was looking
forward to my first radar approach on FPI but your visual call
terminated it after
just 1.5nm so I guess it doesn't count. It would have been
better if the FPI
screen had a centreline for EGPO but these only appear on ILS
runways - a
pity as directional guidance becomes a bit of a guess without them.

Many thanks to everyone else who took part - and I pass this on from
Dave at Prestwick too. As he rightly said, it would have been a dull
evening without
the Diamond crews. Dave also asked me a question that may put
a smile on
your faces. He said "How many of your Diamond pilots are real life
aircrew?". It's nice to know you are all good enough to merit such a
question.. <g>


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Hi John,

EGNS  EGGP   1725  1754  00:29
EGGP  EGPH   1830  1917  00:47

Good session this evening on FPI. Great to be back in the saddle even
if only temporarily.


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