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Glad to see that people are still interested in flying together after the demise of FPI. I have been trying to contact Grant this week with regards to his software beta offer (due to start 4 days ago) but haven't heard anything, I hope others interests haven't died!

I am off for 3 days now to a Extreme Sports festival to go and decide which fancy boat to buy next. Here's a preview: ;)

Not sure if the picture will work... a little bit "bling" perhaps but she sure looks comfy!

I shall speak to you all on my return on Monday night!



Bones wrote:
That sounds like good forward thinking Kevin.

As we are well established in FPI procedures my thought is that we should
try and tempt newcomers to the system by example when online and help in
procedures. Your web site would be ideal for this - aided by us offering
help to anyone online who is struggling. Excuse me if I offer my own ideas
here but I'd suggest your pages include at least three sections.

1. A basic newcomers page describing how to set up the system, roughly how
it works and maybe some common reasons why it doesn't (maybe in an FAQ

2. A series of pages for those interested in ATC. These could be twofold -
one being brief articles on ATC for pilots who are simply curious how it
works and then the really meaty stuff for those who would like to go on and
learn the trade.

3. Ditto for pilots but this would be an easier section to create as most
people joining the sessions already know how to fly. My guess is that this
section would more describe pilot procedures in an ATC environment and maybe
some data on controlled airspace.


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I hope Alex doesn't mind me mentioning this, but in the last week of
FPI he purchased a domain which was destined to house all things UK. This
remains the plan and will tailor it's content to the Pilot Club
UK. It will also carry the information lost in the closure of Andy's
UK-VCA site.
As JHB will represent the nucleus of users from Day 1 it would seem
sensible to make you aware of this resource, and although it may not
be the right place for JHB hours it may be that an opportunity to
house pertinent UK /JHB forum/noticeboard.

We want to run the resource for the users, so if anyone has
suggestions as to goals, content, layout etc please let me know.


    At 15:16 9/7/2006, you wrote:
I would but without a forum the only options are taking the data from a
web page I could set up or from emails sent to me. Either that or I
start a forum.


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Just a thought John, but the Cix VFR Club have a forum rather than a
mailing list, and part of that forum includes some clever _javascript_
written by our tame man who can which runs a Pirep report system.  The
piot logs his report in the forum and his hours appear on the web site.
No manual intervention required.  If you were interested in the idea,
I'll pass our man's email address to you for discussions.



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