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Anybody !!!!
I have been trying to listen to thhe JHB pilots tonight,but cannot seem to connect.What system is being used for R/T. ?
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The problem with this run is that we have six airfields to cover. After some thought I suggest that the three important airfields to man are St Maartens,
St Barts and St Kitts. Frank has the first so I'd like volunteers for St
Barts and St Kitts. <g>

The original plan to double up isn't feasible except for maybe the St
Kitts/Nevis pair. For Saba, St Eustatius and maybe Nevis they will be
unmanned but I'll provide traffic information from TTZP (Piarco FIR). We can
fine tune this on the night.


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Been very quite for this, I assume that after everyone has checked out their

scenery, and they want to do the session.

Unless otherwise, I will be at TNCM_APP Princess Julianna.

Frank F

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